Alyson Stoner bikini ass

Alyson Stoner bikini ass

Former child star Alyson Stoner flaunts her tight ass in a bikini while wandering down the side of a road sticking her tongue out and flashing Satanic signs like a raving lunatic in the photos above.

When Alyson isn’t having one of her schizo episodes in the street, she is shaking her taut rump while dancing like a spaz in videos like the one above.

Alyson Stoner nips

Of course it certainly should come as no surprise that now that she is a washed-up has-been Alyson appears to be living in a van, as she has no useful function in society.

Alyson Stoner swimsuit sexy

As it should be equally expected that her erratic slutty behavior should continue…

Alyson Stoner bikini ass

For like most young actresses who spent their formative years suffering traumas on heathen Hollywood casting couches, Alyson is now a raging feminist who recently shaved her head and now babbles nonsense about “female empowerment” on her social media.

Alyson Stoner shaved head

Clearly Alyson can not get her surname changed to “Stoned-Her” soon enough.

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